Treatments and Information

Pain management is an important part of your overall health care. Management of pain should entail both physical and emotional aspects of pain. Research has consistently shown that if we engage our patients in adjunctive modes of treatment, one’s pain relief will be more significant and last longer. At Art Of Medicine Pain Specialists, we take a multimodal approach to addressing your pain needs. Your treatment may entail many components to help you achieve balance and live your best life.

  1. General medical.  The doctor has a wide knowledge of many medical specialties. Being trained in Anesthesiology allows us to understand the physiology of your body and how injections and oral medication work and interact.
  1. Interventions. The field of Anesthesiology created Pain Management and is the governing body for all specialists who would like to train in this field if they are to be licensed and board certified. Interventional physicians are experts in physical structure of the body’s anatomy and neuroanatomy.
  1. Rehabilitation and Therapy.As a whole body approach your provider specializes in the function of the body. The doctor supervises plans for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and teaches home therapy.
  1. Wellness and Psychology. Depending on the patient, he or she may experience more than the physical trauma caused by the pain experience. For those with distress outside of physical means of measurement we offer a whole body approach to your pain.