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Art of Medicine Pain Specialists is composed of professionals with extensive medical knowledge and years of practice. Led by Dr. DeWayne Lockhart, we provide leading patient care for active and retired athletes, industry leaders, and those in between in Southwest Florida.

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Fellowship Training

Dr. Lockhart trained at “The U” under a legend in Pain Management research, Chairman, Dr Kostis Sarantopoulos. During their time together and under his guidance The University of Miami became the Nations top Pain Management program. He encouraged Dr. Lockhart to become Voluntary Staff, leading educational programs for the school’s medical students and residents. Dr Lockhart was awarded Top Fellow Honors as Chief of the Nations #1 ranked program for Pain Management Fellowship education. The American Academy Of Pain Management also recognized he and the department as the best trained in the United States for 2014.

Dr. Thomas Ebert allowed Dr. Lockhart the enormous opportunity to train at Froedert Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin as a NeuroAnesthesia Fellow redirecting his career path. The hospital is a bustling level 1 ACS certified trauma center with many of the best Anesthesia minds and educators in the country. It was during this time, inspiration struck to consider combining all of his training into a career in pain management.

Medical Training

Dr. Lockhart was accepted into over 20 accredited medical schools in the United States. He was told by the University of Alabama by an admissions counselor he had little chance of being accepted there so not to bother applying. This intrigued him. At the time the school was raked the same as Georgetown, but would allow him to stay closer to family. He was granted an interview, but was then told by another admissions counselor that he had little chance of acceptance as they took 99% of their students from in state. They also warned that their out of state tuition would be 3-5 times higher than his budget allowed. One day after his interview he was accepted there as well. He accepted when one week later he was granted a full scholarship for academic excellence.


Dr. Lockhart was 1 of only 300 residents accepted into neurosurgery training in the nation. He matched at Loyola Chicago a Level 1 ACS trauma center. Around this time the hospital residency program provided coverage for Cook Co. Medical the basis for the hit TV show E.R. While at Loyola he received his preliminary General Surgery Certification as well.


At MCW Dr. Lockhart learned teamwork, patient safety, persistence, and most important of all kindness. He credits Drs. Kathryn Lauer, Paul Pagel, Harvey Woehlck, Olga Kaslow, Rachel Budithi, and Hariharan Shankar with instilling trust in his abilities and developing him as an independent practitioner of medicine.


Undergraduate Education

Graduating at the top of his class with a G.P.A. over 4.2, Dr. Lockhart was recruited by Harvard’s coach Bob Leonard to join their golf team. Understanding the expense was too much and needing to stay local to work and help his family Dr. Lockhart was accepted to Emory University a small private school. The doctor finished his high school training at age 16 and began taking college courses as early enrollment. He was contacted by the Admissions department at Georgia State and informed they would like him to become part of a new Honors college project. Following his interview, he was awarded a full academic scholarship and research assistant position, adding to the Presidential, Governors, Board of Regents, Hope Scholarship, and a few others. Dr. Lockhart received degrees in Biology and Chemistry Magna Cum Laude.

Specialty in Cancer Pain Management

Dr. Lockhart trained at the University of Miami. He was guided by two of the nation’s top pain doctors over the last 30 years Drs. Dennis Patin and Kostis Sarantopoulos. At Sylvester Cancer Center, Dr Patin taught cutting edge surgical implantation, neuromodulation, and was a fellow Ambassador of hope to patients facing a daunting cancer diagnosis.

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